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 $15.95  BUY  10,000  visitors  $10.95 BUY
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 $29.95 BUY  20,000  Visitors  $19.95 BUY
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$109.95 BUY 100,000  visitors  $69.95 BUY

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 $14.95 BUY
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 $20.95 PURCHASE
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Please review our  traffic questions and answers page if you have questions.  guarantee delivery or your money back.

 If you have  questions please contact us. We will gladly reply to any questions or inquiries that you may have concerning our online advertising products or internet marketing process.
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Get unique traffic guaranteed delivered within 60 days with orders under 20000 visitors usually filled within 30 days. You can receive a refund for all traffic not delivered to your web site as promised.

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Suitable Categories
traffic types are suitable  to advertise your family friendly site, This type of wholesale traffic works best for the promotion of online websites with a subject similar to affiliate promotion, games, sports ,travel, wholesale shopping, health, beauty, software, diet, weight loss, finance, home loans, free-stuff, search engine traffic, debt consolidation, webmasters, family,internet business opportunities, blogs, MLM,online schools, Real Estate, homes for sale, pop up traffic, online shopping and web site opportunities

Don't get fooled by our Low Prices

 Our Prices are lower than our competitors prices, Real web advertising that is as good or
 better quality than the online advertising sold by our competitors for up to 4 times our prices. Buy traffic at wholesale prices not the inflated price you will pay for virtualy the same internet traffic sold by most internet advertising sources. Please review the frequently asked questions and answers before contacting customer service.

Increased Website Profits

internet marketing can increase your internet exposure which should increase profits giving you a better chance of making money. Buy at wholesale and get more visitors for your dollar. Take advantage of our low prices and boost your online website exposure.
Potential buyers
 see your website

We make sure your Visitors actually see your site. (TRAFFIC that will view your website ) Send to multiple website URLs with one order. This is not for x rated sites. Please no xx rated adult traffic or non family friendly web sites. Your website must have no additional windows, pop ups, pop unders, fly in
adds, popovers or sound.


      Buy guaranteed visitors that can continuously improve website sales by advertising to perspective buyers at your web site for weeks to come. If your tired of using lousy methods use the targeted technique that can give increased search results. We have a guaranteed web solution for you. Let Engine Traffic send your website the traffic that you deserve fast. why should you believe us? Because we have spent hundreds of hours trying to figure out the major problem that every internet marketer faces. Over the last few years or so we tested almost every cheap technique and found that most cheap traffic promotions just dont work! We did discover that quality website links pointed at your site can over time bring a considerable amount of exposure. Get valuable free website submissions pointing back to your affiliate website, business opportunity or blog that can increase your online page views daily. How do I target this free internet based traffic? Spend some time to Register at as many quality directories as you can before they get popular, increase their page rank and begin to charge for what is currently FREE. Start submitting your website URL to a free website directory list. Start now and get your share at a price you can afford. "Free".

Wholesale Advertising
Buy into strategies that can increase your exposure and once put in place can continue to increase your targeted internet traffic. The techniques are easy to understand and implement, you must continue working after your traffic is increased! In other words, A good marketing plan should  increase your targeted website traffic and rankings over a period of time.! If your willing to take the time to understand and put our Internet Marketing strategy to use you should make more money. Buy advertising at Engine Traffic because we send more targeted hits than most other companies for a fraction of the price. Buy your visitors from us and get more for less money because we are a wholesale traffic outlet.

If you have additional website promotion questions please contact us. We will gladly reply to any promotion inquiries that you may have regarding our US, all English or Mainstream targeted engine-traffic.   

Question: Why chose us over other services?
Answer: Most cheap traffic services send very poor traffic. If you use their poor services most of your visitors will NEVER SEE YOUR SITE! This is because most competing advertisers use internet tricks to load your web page without ever being seen - yes, they send the same cheap visitors to tens or even hundreds of sites! The worst part is that they never even tell you... your counter moves, but you make no sales! we send real people "real traffic" who actually see your website.

Q: How does your program send visitors to my website?
A: We sell the most successful form of reliable internet based Advertising,
Pop under and pop ups - example - When a visitor exits from a page at one of the thousands of sites in our network of high volume websites, your page will be displayed and will immediately grab the visitor's attention! This is the strategy for all such website marketing services using this highly successful internet pop under technology.

Q: Where do all the visitors come from?
A: A huge network of established internet based advertising sites that can display the website ads that you purchase from us as a mix of popup or pop under adds. When these websites get visitors a website will also open up as another webpage underneath the existing page and in most cases will be displayed when the visitor closes the original page. Additional traffic sources we use include traffic exchanges, internet pop up adds, 404 redirected traffic, error page traffic, search engine traffic and expired domain traffic.
Q: Is there a danger of getting accused of Spamming?
A: Absolutely not. When you sign up for our website service there is absolutely no way of getting accused of SPAM. SPAMING involves web site advertising directly through e-mail, we advertise on websites who's owners have agreed in advance to receive our unique advertising.

Q: Do you guarantee that I will make more sales?
A: No, we cannot guarantee website sales whatsoever. We can, however, promise to deliver the number of internet visitors to your website that you ordered. Any sales will depend on the layout, marketing mix, and website quality, its presentation, and the service, and product that you offer. Will get traffic to your website, all you have to do is tell them about your product or service and make the sale.

Q: What will help make my web sales page more effective?
A: Making your page ready for a traffic campaign is as easy as you want it to be. You should use the same advertising techniques that you use in other forms of website advertising to get people interested in your product. Use catchy headlines, bright colors, fast loading content and most of all you need a product that everyone wants or needs.

Q. What is a CPM?
A. CPM simply means Cost Per Thousand, meaning the cost of producing one thousand impressions--or real visitors to your page. As an advertiser, it's what you pay to receive 1,000 visitors delivered to your web page.

Q: How do I know the traffic I paid for has been delivered?
A: We will review & start your campaign as soon as possible, usually within a few hours of receiving a traffic campaign order. We also create & email a link so you can check your traffic stats while the campaign is in progress. We usually send an order confirmation within 4-6 hours of it being placed, so if you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us to verify that your traffic order has been received.

Please visit our customer traffic login page  to view your campaign stats or change your delivery.  
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